What I do

Behind The Scenes

I've always loved watching what goes on on a film production, so I decided to also give others a look-in at my filmmaking process!

Behind the Scenes


As well as shooting personal projects: short films and documentaries, I also carry out videography, and freelance as a Camera Op.


Web Development

I've been a front-end web developer since 2009, primarily specialising in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and most recently C# for app dev.

Web Development

Short Documentaries and Short Films

My love for movies and documentaries is what got me into filmmaking. I love scripting my own films, whilst also filming and helping to share others'real-life stories.

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Tamara Gabriel

A little bit about me

The career that I fell into the year before I finished university was one that I've been in since 2009. I ended up becoming a front-end web developer and halfway into that career I began contracting to give myself a little more freedom and flexibility to work directly with different clients, and work with specific agencies on campaigns for companies such as Zurich Financial Services, Volvo, Dove, Premiere Inn, Heathrow, and Royal Mail. But I had this nagging voice in my head that kept telling me to pick up my camera and explore where that might lead. So when I began photography back in 2013 it eventually led me onto video production, and even though I still carry out web development and still really enjoy building the front-end of websites, I'm enjoying this new journey into filmmaking!

What am I working on?

At the moment, I'm working on a short documentary about Danny Rowland, The Pavement Poet. As I've just started to learn Unity and C#, I'm also working on a mini adventure game.

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