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A Little Bit About Me

The career that I fell into the year before I finished university was one that I've been in since 2009. I ended up becoming a front-end web developer, which I still do as my main job now; the '9-5', if you like. But a few years ago, I had this nagging voice in my head that kept telling me to pick up my camera and explore where that might lead. So when I began photography back in 2012 it eventually led me on to video production, and because of my love for watching documentaries, I knew that this was something that I had to explore. So, in my spare time, I shoot short documentaries, as well as shooting videos for my YouTube channel. And I also try and keep on with the photography too.

What else can I tell you…

I absolutely love being outdoors. Any chance I get, I go off hiking in different parts of England, Wales and Scotland. One of the things I love about being outdoors is seeing amazing landscapes from the ground and from the sky.

Photography is how this creative journey started for me, and even though I love filming, I still love to get my LEE Filters out and shoot landscape photography, or bust the drone out for some aerial shots. All of which I share in my Instagram stories.

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