The Perfect Roast (2016)

RAVE COFFEE are specialist roasters, committed to providing a better coffee experience and a 'taste bud riot' to coffee lovers far and wide! How do they do this? By sourcing only the best quality raw products from anywhere in the globe. Believing in the value that comes from a happy staff, and providing a fun working environment to achieve this, is a quality that makes Rave Coffee a team well worth getting to know. In the video to follow, you'll learn about their process when it comes to roasting tasty coffee beans, brewing the perfect cup of coffee, and why they're so passionate about their amazing product.

Release date: 12th September 2016 | Running time: 7 mins 59 secs
Directed, filmed and edited by Tamara Gabriel, featuring Rave Coffee, Sound recordist - Parick GIllespie, Behind the Scenes by Alex Lancastle.

Why documentaries?

I started out as a Front-End Web Developer back in 2009, but during that time, I had this nagging voice in my head that kept telling me to pick up my camera and explore where that might lead.

So when I began photography back in 2012 it eventually led me on to video production, and because of my natural love of watching documentaries, I knew this was something I had to explore.

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