Senior Front-End Web Developer

As a front-end web developer my skills are specific to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also write PHP, and I use libraries and frameworks such as Bootstrap, JQuery and AngularJS.


I've been a front-end web developer since 2009. And during that time, I've built the front-end (and on occasion also the back-end) of many wbsites. What tends to be a recurring comment is how freakishly quick I can take a design and build the front-end without compromising the quality of the work that I do.

Responsive Design

Visiting a website that isn't device optimised rather annoys me. So, when media queries came on the scene in early 2009 I remember how excited I was. I love progressive enhancement, and so responsive design is a natural part of my workflow.


With an increasing amount of clients that required the ability to manage their own website, I knew I had to learn WordPress. So when I began my front-end journey I also began crafting themes from scratch for WordPress; giving my clients full control of their website.

Mobile Games and Apps

As well as front-end web development, I have developed various Android mobile games (using Actionscript 3.0 and AIR for Android) and apps (using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). All apps can be found on the GooglePlay store. I've recently started learning to use Unity and C# in order to move away from AIR for Android.

Who have I worked with?

I've worked with several large companies directly, including Zurich Financial Services, and Cambridge Assessment, whilst also contracting with digital agencies such as Havas Helia; working on campaigns for Volvo, Heathrow, Premier Inn, Dove, Royal Mail, and Peperami.

Zurich Financial Services
Cambridge Assessment
Havas Helia
We Are Marketing
OnMode Fashion